Monday, March 18, 2013

The name of the game is.....

Randomly starting.............
I am i think a straight foreword person i believe....
maybe even a little mean in my own head i am told...
And spazy & forgetful well you've nailed me rite on the head i guess.......So then ware do you go after you've forgotten?.....spin in sourceless....yell at the sky?..... OR do what you've seen in movies & just walk till your feet stop taking over? This is what I'm trying to do over and over again maybe? Its just bad habit of not committing on one thing just so you have that one choice to say you just felt like stopping for a bit then just picking it rite back up there. Is that so bad to rely do? I mean with the every day job you have to do & put up with & the bills you cant forget to pay, i find that some times it just good to just drop that one thing that's rely not that urgent in your life to keep you sane ,even if you don't think it was stressing you out much at all........or maybe this is my tired Brian being all spacey & weird & trying to find something cool to write about to the computer screen that is burning holes in my scull......who will ever no.
sleepy face brain person
please forgive the weirdness of the post im not quite shore ether ??? But i feel it needs it?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OW Pinterest bottles

 So after a long time of not writing here i am......don't rely have a good reason for not blogging except for LIFE just going in the way. But long story shored this month has bin HELL straight up HELL ssoooo to take my mind of shit my best friend Sarina came over to show me the new job lot in town witch terned in to my spazzy self freaking out haw we have to brake a wine bottle on pinterest that i thought was rely cool and than make a vase so we got every thing we needed witch was.

Gather Up:
Cotton String
Acetone Nail Polish Remover
a match
pot of ice cold water
And so we then thought to do it right there and then and at the same time document every thing or just aware silly little experiment.

And now thinking of video taping every pinterest project we try hopefully if my life settles the fuck down you'll see more of this fun we had.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bobs high way birthday

This is what I live for , getting up getting in your car & just driving. This time back to one of my meany homes NY city but we started in Cooperstown, NY. Iv never bin there before & went for my fiancé dads birthday to the Cooperstown hall of fame. "Big baseball guy"
The family

The landscape there was beutafiuly breathtaking.

All green

Big time farming & tourist zone for the baseball hall of fame but nice to brith fresh air & be out of my element. Being on the rode made me miss my stick shift car days big time & am now itching to drive one again soon.

At the cooperstown hall of fame there was so much info & amazing things that these men had dun for the love of a sport.
people made it to egypt somthing i never new to play ball
the man himself & the fiance
1932 "the shot" home run
wean women started playing baseball in world wore 2
1406 stolen bases

It's inspiring in so many angels I fell so small with what iv dun in mine.
#14 is the first women playing in perfusionel baseball

It's time on the high way wean you remember haw small we rely are,With trees older then your Grammz.
this is a red sox fan who made the trip from RI & weant to every game till she past

we drove to a hotel named laguardia plaza hotel witch was 10min. Away from the mets stadium which we got tickets for the birthday boy.
a little blurry but there it is
grate seats

NAW if zombies EVER take over the world I'm DAM shore this stadium of be the best place to go & just get them all on the felled & start shooting, they would be gone reel quick.

But now let's talk baseball spirit & felleds. This baseball park was huge compare to Fenway BUT there is a thing called " to big" & this place was way to big. It had places in it ware you could site in side & watch the game.....ON a TV?......rely people you just both f**king tickets to a reel game to sit INSIDE to watch the LIVE game on a F**king tv screen WAW!!!
talk about TV junky

 I feel that all the clothing stands & restraint every ware kills what a reel ball game is all about. I seen more women in heels & pimped out at this game then prom ? Like ware ya going love??? Or do you rely enjoy being whistled at by the drunk guys? if that's your thing kudos to you get those drunk men girl. But any way the game was a good game san Diego had no chains & no mater ware we sat you saw everything & LOVED the big Appel thing popping up every time there was a home run.

 (hope this gets my point across a little bit)

We ended the night going & checking out the hotel pool & wandering around time square ware we fond aware selfs at a Irish bar & grill named lands down & obviously we all felt at home & the bar tender was nice enough to put the red sox & Celtics games on ware we all got loud & I'm pretty shore we took over the place. The food was good & my fiancé family was even better company. Wandering around NY city will always have a special place in my hart with the good & bad experience's iv had there in my life.

Ending this blog with pics from the highway & some videos I took.
coolest car i seen on the high way

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why hello there LA

The first Weekend with my fiancé's mother & sister's was so great I hade a blast seeing LA.

found you!!!
on my way to LA

I really needed this trip was about to turn ancient I feel like with worrying about the "family" trying not to destroy anything left of what relationships there are left & trying to get over my self for my own guilts with backing off of my gramma for a bit was very hard for me & still is. But forget this & let's get to my trip shall we.
only if you new haw deadly this pic. was

LA is SO who I am......

 ~this song no lie played while i was on the plan LMAO

it's so artsy raw & there are so many people that from what I got to see wander there & just stay. They are "the lost then found" is what I'm calling it. I don't think I met anyone that was around my age & had generations of family's that were born there or maybe i just didn't meet the right people? People there I feel just were so opened & chill with whatever was going on & so proud to be living there lives except for the traffic which I was very Lucky to not get stuck In.

One of My fiancé sister lives out in santa monica her apartment was sooo cool just big enough with a medium back yard AND a lemon try which is SOoo cool .


The first day we were there we went to santa monica & walked a long part of the strip to the end of the rout 66 witch instead of ending it's starting for me & saw some muscily men the whole thing was cool & funky.

me & my sister in law

this lizard was SO FUCKING BIG!

starting point
just saw the sign now...whoops?!
  The second day was the reason we had made the trip it was the sister that lives out there dance show. She owns her own dance studio called KICK START

And we were there to help. It went really good & I don't think ive ever been to a dance resitel where parents & other family members chanted out like they were at a concert. It was crazy even trying to get tickets from them all it was like they were seeing god in Person or something.

After we went out with some of her friends at this chill spot called Ariel's . The service was amazingly good & felt like popurazy wear going to jump over & take a picture.

Mothers day was chilling in the back yard & inviting a friend & her mother & make brunch where I shall say I am a kick ass omelet sheaf now.

THEN we hit up the hollywood scene witch involved getting in the middle of a street & taking the picture like the crazy women I am. I felt like a little kid again on Hollywood boulevard taking pictures with bumblebee from transformer AND! AND! ........I FOUND my favorite comic JIM CARRY!!!!! God it was soooo cool seeing every ones hand prints in the cement.

some one catch the M

I wish i new what i was doing

It's really crazy when some one you love is not ok or not the same like my gramma who has not been the same since her stroke has been on my mind more then ever & I fell she would have loved seeing the stars hands & names she would have known so I video taped a little of it for her & thought I share it with you guys.

After that we went to go see a play Billy Elliot for a mothers day gift at the pantages theatre & even got the "veteran " bill kid which that night was his last night performing. This kid was amazing but he was asian decent of some sort witch was funny because the "billy Elliot" is SUPoSED to be Scotish SO it was funny but with what this kid could do I don't even care LOL & all the things he had already accomplish was very impressive.

I love plays I don't dance any more & some times wish I could go back to a profesional dance company but ow well. It was a good mothers day gift for my fiancé mother & us.
- I'm writing this on the way back home on the plane & wish I could have seen more of LA & my friend Lana ( boo-hisss) maybe next time sorry Lana baby if your reading this.
- this tiny trip is what I needed & now have opened the travel bug that will be itching the rest of the summer " I'm fucked".
And have been thinking of moving to LA to go to school for special make-up effects & this trip has pushed me forward more....but will see.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

LA hear i came :)

Today is crazy as i take the few minutes i get to rite about all of it. Why i think jamming work in rite before leaving for LA is a good idea ill never no? I've bin throwing cloths & shoes around like I'm busesed BUT i got every thing dun ......i think? well lets hope so any way i think i am more excited to just get to no my "going to be fiance family" then anything and love being in air ports & air planes because that's ware i was raised mossed of my 1 threw 11 age & just fell way to chill in them even with all the new sacurety they have dun over the years. it gose ( sports bra, tank, sweats, boy shorts, flip flops & jeans in bag) but some haw i still get stoped??? well iv got to cut this one short for my dum ass is going to work for 3p-11p get home at 1am wake up at 3am ( big sarcastick smill) well wish me luck i cant wait to go.


This is what I rote on Sunday & forgot to send it.

Haw to talk about the last two days???
Well I guess step by step?
THURSDAY: work party at fen way park. RITE

•So I was so vary rang in thinking that my work party would be silly & embarrassing to be there for 5yr. Wean rely there wear doctors & nurses that wear there 45 years witch is amazing.What aware work did for use was so uplifting and made every one there feel so proud to be part of this small community hospital. We entered up a escalated to a big room with tables & red sox gear on them over looking the perfected red sox felled.

We jumped strata in to a tore of the ball park ware I learned some cool things about the felled. Haw it was billet the same time as the day the titanic sank. Even got to chill in the news Booth's & steped on the green monster for the fist time.

The night topped off with taking pic. With that red sox trophies , eating littel ball park franks & drink free alcohol even getting the hole room full of doctors & sergeants,nurses & food staff to sing sweet Catalina. It was kick ass to see every one in a relaxed mood & just having fun.

I for the first time in my life cryed about a freaking hair cut not knowing if I liked it or not but was totally not my Self & was PMS huge. I got over my self & went to the red sox game AGAIN with Kevin & my sister-in-law & her BF & had a blast even thou they lost & it was chilly out I was with nice company .
rely grate seats :)


Cinco de mayo.........? Haw to start with Saturday's cinco  de mayo?


 I did what cinco die mayo is know for in the American sense maybe? In a non racist way it's •DRINK as much as your body can not Handel • -I was supposed to go to say happy birthday to a work friend but ended up on a kick ass night with my cousin's. We started at cityside bar & ended at one of my cousin's favorite bars The draft ware we got to meat some of my cousin's friends & even go on a roof adventure :) I personally LOVE random adventures & got a cool pitcher from it.
You cant rely tell we are on the top of a bar but we are checking out the moon & as always getting in to trouble ( big smile) but thankfully one of my cousin's new the owner & we got laughed at for being three drunk silly girls having way to much fun on cinco de mayo. P.S. sorry if i spelt it wrong.